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Hauschild SpeedMixer® U.K - Store

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Hauschild SpeedMixer® U.K
Online Product Store

Original Hauschild SpeedMixer® products supplied to U.K, Eire, Finland, Northern Ireland, Norway & Sweden.

Productive Innovations Ltd are the only company approved to supply genuine OEM Hauschild SpeedMixer® products, OEM component parts or consumables across the U.K, Eire, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Your assurance of original and genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer­® high quality products begins here. 

Despite certain claims, no other company in the U.K is able to source, provide, maintain or supply original Hauschild SpeedMixer® instruments, OEM component parts, equipment, accessories or consumables in any of our geographical territories. Read more here.

We offer secure online payment or the option to pay by BACS, credit / debit card or PayPal. The choice is entirely yours.

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