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Hauschild LeverPress 

Hauschild LP3 LeverPress

Hauschild LP3 LeverPress from Productive Innovations Ltd
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The Hauschild LeverPress is a substantial heavy duty, ergonomically designed counterbalanced device for transferring mixed material from a PP Mix Cup into another container, such as an empty cartridge or syringe.

The Lever Press system is simplistic and effective.

The Hauschild LeverPress is used in conjunction with Speed Disc. Both the LeverPress and a SpeedDisc are required to initiate transfer.

This SpeedDisc is placed on top of your mixed material, inside a PP Mix Cup as a follower plate. As all SpeedDisc's are  precision engineered to specific tolerances, they mate perfectly with the vertical sides of Mix Cups. The polished, smooth vertical sides of the Mix Cup are wiped clean by the SpeedDisc machined edges as the material is displaced and the level drops.

100% of your mixed material can be used so that no product is wasted.

The LeverPress enables a controlled and necessary pressure to be applied to a SpeedDisc to simply displace and transfer the material without introducing any air. 

A wide range of SpeedDiscs are available to fit the European PP Mix Cup and the American Max Cup range mating to industry leading cartridges and syringes with a variety of standard fittings available. We offer a bespoke manufacturing service to suit any special container requirements you may have. 

We welcome a discussion to address your requirements or to arrange an on-line or on-site demonstration.


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