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At Productive Innovations we like to be challenged. Challenged to help you.

Helping new and existing customers to overcome material mixing challenges

No problem is too small.
We can mix materials weighing from just 1gm.

We welcome you to discuss your mixing or application requirements with us.
e'll offer a tailored demonstration for your company, online or on-site across the U.K, Eire, Finland, Norway & Sweden.

We will mix your selected products from start to finish, with you or for you.

If you can't mix it,
We can!

Disruptive technology is just that - disruptive. Different. Hard to perceive or grasp. A step away from the norm, mind-boggling if you will, we fully understand that.

Our passion and total fascination for mixing materials has been providing solutions to industry for decades.

Allow us to demonstrate the SpeedMixer DAC technology in action, to experience your own WOW factor!

Watch things happen in front of your own eyes and providing a likely solution to obstacles you have.

Had enough of your current material processing, the complexity, the mess, solvent use? 

Wish to discuss a blue sky idea? We are here to help.

We will demonstrate firsthand the capabilities of the Hauschild SpeedMixer®, the technical simplicity, consistency and repeatability.

We can mix your products for you in minutes, leaving you to evaluate the results. 

Book a no obligation Demo. Click or scan this QR code to do so.



All authorised Hauschild partners across the world can be found by clicking here.






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