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The 2023 Medium Sized 400-2000gm
Hauschild SpeedMixer® Portfolio 

Hauschild SpeedMixer® 'Medium size' range mix 400-2000gm.

Mix 5-1100gm/1500ml in a DAC or upto 2kg/2.8ltrs in a Smart-DAC.

Use a multiple cavity holder for more than one Mix Cup, cartridge, syringe or laboratory vial to batch process as a batch. Or a standard single holder - Single Sample vs Batch Production.

Any SMART-DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer® will accommodate a 2.8ltr volume irrespective of weight. Designed for high volume, low weight powder addition, dispersion and mixing.

Output mixing data live for traceability or produce a label.

Bench mount these instruments or opt for our portable floor stand setting the lid and control panel at an ergonomic height.

Connect to mains via a 110v / 230v EU / U.K / USA lead + plug.

Each DAC SpeedMixer is available with an L.R (Long Radius Arm) providing extra power for powder mixing applications. 

Our Robotic DAC versions offer full automation with remote control capabilities.

The new 2kg Hauschild SMART-DAC ROBOTIC / VACUUM ROBOTIC raise the age old 'standard' bar - once again


400gm - DAC 400.1 FVZ
Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer

400gm - DAC 400.2 VAC-P Vacuum Degassing SpeedMixer

DAC 400.1 FVZ Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer
DAC 400.2 VAC-P Vacuum Ready SpeedMixer

600gm - DAC 600.2 VAC-P Vacuum Degassing SpeedMixer

600gm - DAC 600.1 FVZ
Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer

DAC 600.1 FVZ Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer
DAC 600.2 VAC-P Vacuum Ready SpeedMixer

700gm - DAC 700 Series Vacuum Degassing + Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer

DAC 700.1 FVZ Vacuum + Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer Instruments

800gm - DAC 800.1 FVZ
Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer

DAC 800.2 VAC-P Vacuum Degassing SpeedMixer

DAC 800.1 FVZ Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer
DAC 800.2 VAC-P Vacuum Ready SpeedMixer

1100gm (1500ml) - DAC 1100.2 VAC-P
Vacuum Degassing SpeedMixer


1100gm (1500ml) - DAC 1100.1 FVZ
Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer

Hauschild DAC1100.2 VAC-P.jpg
Hauschild DAC1100.1FVZ.jpg

1500gm / 2.8ltr -  SMART-DAC 1500

Smart-DAC 1500.3 FVZ
Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer

Smart-DAC 1500.4 VAC-P 
Vacuum Ready SpeedMixer

Smart-DAC 1500
Smart-DAC 2000.3 FVZ Non-Vacuum Speedmixer
DAC 1500.4 VAC-P Vacuum SpeedMixer
Smart-DAC 2000

Smart-DAC 2000.3 FVZ
Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer

Smart-DAC 2000.4 VAC-P 
Vacuum Ready SpeedMixer

2000gm / 2.8ltr -  SMART-DAC 2000

Smart-DAC 2000.3FVZ Non-Vacuum SpeedMixer
DAC 2000.4 VAC-P Vacuum SpeedMixer
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