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SpeedMixer UK
Service, Repair + OEM Parts 






Productive Innovations At Your Service. 

Exclusively for Hauschild SpeedMixer® Owners in the U.K, Eire, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

As an OEM, Hauschild SpeedMixer® state that regular preventative maintenance is required for your SpeedMixer to maintain optimum performance. These stipulations are contained in your user manual.

Only an official Hauschild authorised distributor or service agent across the world are able to offer a service provision for all current or previous models of the Hauschild SpeedMixer, large and small. 

All of these authorised companies have access to OEM parts, software, technical support, accessories and consumables, each bound by geographical regions which they each support.

As the exclusive Hauschild SpeedMixer® for the U.K, Ireland, Finland, Norway and Sweden only Productive Innovations are authorised to offer Specialist Servicing.

No other company in our operational regions can obtain genuine, OEM Hauschild parts despite their claims. Previous suppliers are not and will not be supplied. Read more here

Preventative Maintenance agreements – With you in mind.

Productive Innovations fully appreciate the advantages of advanced planning for preventative maintenance and we're here to help you. By offering a straight forward, no-nonsense booking service we will assist you all we can.

Support options are available to minimize interruption and continuity.

Please contact us to address your particular requirements and discuss the options we offer.

SpeedMixer UK Service + OEM Parts.

Authorised to offer Specialist Servicing on-site, we will undertake repairs, supply and fit Original Hauschild SpeedMixer® parts. Nothing else. Genuine OEM items only.

Hauschild SpeedMixer instruments will last we over ten years. Only OEM component parts will ensure continued operational performance. The SpeedMixer serial number will provide us with all we require to offer you, the right part(s) first time. 

No other company can provide you with an official authorised service, despite any claims they may make.

If you require preventative maintenance for your Hauschild SpeedMixer, please phone us or use the button to email us.

Business Critical - Disaster Contingency

No two businesses are the same. If the Hauschild SpeedMixer® supports a business critical function in your business you will demand assurance of continuity of your operational services.

The reliability and predictability of the Hauschild SpeedMixer® operational output is second to none. Where prudent clients require protection from external influences Productive Innovations are able to assist.

Fire, theft, power failure material spillage or water damage from fire sprinklers are just some of the likely third party or environmental considerations a diligent company will wish to gain protection against.

You are most welcome to contact us regarding this complex topic to discuss all aspects of support and advise that we have to offer.

When you're #MixingWithTheBest . . . . 

Quality ALWAYS comes FIRST!

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