The Original Hauschild SpeedMixer®


All original Hauschild SpeedMixer® instruments will consistently mix and simultaneously eliminate all air inclusions from similar or dis-similar materials, in a batch weighing from 1gm-16L inside a fully sealed container.


Multiple containers can be mixed in a either single or multiple Mix Cup Holders so all material is processed as a single batch.


1 - No Waste
2 - No Mess
3 - No Clean Up

4 - No Hidden Costs

Each aspect improving our environmental, reducing exposure to cost, solvent use and the unknown time considerations.

All possible due to the way it works. . . .

The clever bit - No Mixing Blade!

SpeedMix liquids, powders, solvents, pastes and very thick consistency, high viscosity materials together such as HCR or LSR Silicone, putty even playdough and plasticine. Do loo at video clips on our media webpage

Varying viscosity products can all be completely mixed together, following simple rules. Each mixed product will be air / bubble free.

MS Polymer & Pigment - in a Hauschild SpeedMixer®

DAC vs SMART-DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer®

DAC & SMART-DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer®

150/250 Series

The R&D Lab top solution mixing upto 250g. The Hauschild  SpeedMixer saves upto 60% of time increasing  quality, efficiency and output. 

400 - 1100 Series

The medium solution mixing amounts from 400-1100g. Fully scalable mixing reduces waste significantly reducing cost of disposal of hazardous materials.

3000 - 10000 Series

Large scale solutions mixing 3kg upwards. Mixing with the Hauschild SpeedMixer ™ ensures a homogeneous product is acheived consistently.

250 - 2000 Series

Vacuum Mixing from 250gm-2kg
Intelligent Precision Mixing, Temperature Control, UL Certification

A Productive Innovation

Cut your mixing time up to 60%. Boost your work efficiency to produce more in less time.

Mixing of Dis-Similar Products and High Volume Powders

The Hauschild SpeedMixer® will mix a high volume of powder into a small amount of liquid. Mix Cup selection is key to accommodating a specific volume of powder. We have plenty of Mix Cups sizes available. Give us a call and see how we can help you be more Productive with these Innovations.

DAC - Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge

DAC abbreviates 'Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge'. This ingenious principle was realised and harnessed when inventing the Original Hauschild SpeedMixer back in 1974.

The mixing basket (one half of the mixing process), inside the Hauschild SpeedMixer® rotates clockwise in a circle. ALSO the mixing arm (the other half of this technology) at the same time spins in the opposite direction so two things happen at once. Dual forces are at work.

Centrifuge simply means a device that uses centrifugal force (rotation). The Hauschild SpeedMixer® uses this physical force to enrgise the product making it move in a controlled and predictable manner.

This is where the term dual centrifuge comes from. This was the world first technology that Hauschild Engineering conceived nearly 50 years ago in 1973.

The terms asymmetric comes next. This means 'having two sides or halves that are not the same'. So both halves of this function operate at together.


Hence the technical term 'Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge', or DAC for short.

Hauschild SpeedMixer® range.

SpeedMixer Naming Convention

We refer to each Hauschild SpeedMixer® with a DAC number. DAC150.1 for instance.

This references a specific SpeedMixer machine and build. The first number specifies the weight in grams that can be mixed at one time (not the volume).
DAC  150 = 150gms,
DAC   600 = 600gms
DAC  1100 = 1.1kg (1100gms)
DAC  5000 = 5kg (5000gms)
DAC 10000 = 10kg (10000gms)

SMART-DAC 250 = 250gms
SMART-DAC 600 = 600gms
SMART-DAC 1500 = 1500gms
SMART-DAC 2000 = 2000gms

The second number identifies the machine version for DAC and SMART-DAC SpeedMixers.

DAC150.1 is a 150gm SpeedMixer, version 1.

Hauschild SpeedMixer® uses this naming convention across the whole product range as they all work in the same way, using the same 'DAC' mixing principle.

The difference between the SpeedMixers are subtle, but principally they are either vacuum or non vacuum mixers with a specific weight that each machine can mix at any one time. The weight that can be mixed must not exceed the machines maximum, this includes the materials to be mixed plus the mixing cup, lid and adapter.


FVZ Naming Suffix

FVZ is a suffix used for Hauschild SpeedMixer® Instruments.

The 'FVZ' letters abbreviate certain relevant words, that originate from the German language.


F - Fenster - window in German. All Hauschild SpeedMixer® machines have a viewing window designed for us to observe the DAC rotation of Mix Cups being processed.

V - Variable - A USP of all commercial DAC Hauschild SpeedMixers which indicates a variable speed. This means that the speed of the instrument can be changed during operation, without the need to stop the mixing process. A unique feature.

Z - Zeit - In German Zeit means time. This is used as the Hauschild SpeedMixer products have a timer function. All the SpeedMixer's originally mixed using a 1 minute timer. This was later increased to 5 minutes so the 'Z' was added as an option which in this case means (time or more time) in each case.

 K  - Kartuche is the word for cartridge in German. 'K' models have the higher lid which were introduced to allow for mixing of materials inside actual cartridges and syringes, which stand taller than the conventional Mix Cups.


DAC150 - The Oldie but Goldie.

The first DAC150 Hauschild SpeedMixer®, introduced early on was available in these configurations: -

DAC150FV - DAC150FVZ - DAC150FVZ - Each of these were available with a -K, high top lid option

DAC150FV - DAC150 Hauschild SpeedMixer® with F (window) and V (manual variable speed dial). These 'FV' SpeedMixers had a fixed one minute timer.

DAC150FVZ - DAC150 Hauschild SpeedMixer® as above but here the Z, means (more time) as these all had a 5 minute times.

DAC150FVZ-K - DAC150 Hauschild SpeedMixer® as above, this time with the optional extra of the K (Kartuche) high top lid offering, extending clearance height, below the F (window) of the automatically locking lid of each mixing instrument. 

Special Holders - Hauschild still supports mixing in containers other than 'Mix Cups'. A wide range of special holders are precision engineered as well as bespoke holders made to order to suit your own chosen mixing vessel.  

Further information can be found on our 'Mix Cup Holder' webpage. 


Hauschild SpeedMixer® Product Range