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SpeedMixer UK - MIX4ME
Materials Mixing Service

#Mix4Me - UK Materials Mixing Service

Skeptical of our mixing claims - Why shouldn't you be? 

This is a 'Disruptive Technology' after all.

If you are reading this we assume you'll have a technical need to create or improve on a product or material formulation.

For all existing or potential new Hauschild SpeedMixer® customers we invite you to send us your material products for mixing, grinding, milling, dispersing, emulsifying, de-airing, degassing or homogenizing.

We are here to help you and to prove the abilities of most powerful non-invasive materials mixer in the world.

Our SpeedMixer UK Application Support Centre has many genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer® instruments to conduct trials on your behalf. We will live stream to you so you see what we do and how we do it and what we use : - 

DAC + SMART DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer® Lab Machines
Vacuum + Non Vacuum + Long Radius SpeedMixer Instruments.

If you use traditional mixing technology with blades of mixing heads the Hauschild DAC SpeedMixer technology will seem alien. We get it. The WOW that these laboratory R&D instruments can offer is second to none so it's only fair we prove it. For free! No obligation either.

How does this work?

Use our 'Mix4Me' button below to send us an email.

Please include this information in your email : - 

A) Summarize your application

B) Specify your objectives.

C) Inform us of your difficulties to date.

Then what happens: - 

1) Send an NDA if applicable.

2) A TDS (tech data sheet) + SDS (safety data sheets) are required for each product.

2) Send your samples

3) We book an agreed time to Live Stream to you

Contact us for further details.

Are you #MixingWithTheBest ? 

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