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THE OLDIE BUT GOLDIE - DAC150 Hauschild SpeedMixer®

The DAC150 / DAC 150.1 Lab Formulation SpeedMixer®

Manufactured by Hauschild in Hamm, Germany.
Distributed worldwide. 10+ Year Service Life.
Incredible material mixing power >1000G.

This high sheer, bladeless lab formulation favorite
will mix 1-150gm / up to 250ml products in minutes 

by producing more than 1000 x the force of gravity.

The DAC150.1 range will degas your product, removing all visible air bubbles as part of its natural mixing cycle. This happens simultaneously when mixing starts. Any material(s) in the sealed Mix Cup are forced to move by immense power this small machine creates and applies. Contents of a Mix Cup can be homogenously mixed in seconds. 

Single sample or batch processing in 5, 12, 25 60 90 125 185 250ml Mix Cups.

Any DAC150 will process single or multiple samples at a time. Processing single samples is fast and efficient. We supply single and multiple cavity Mix Cup Holders to hot swap as required. They're changed in seconds.

No mess. No clean Up. No wasted Product. 

Two Lid Types Available 

The DAC150.1 FV has a low profile lid which sits flush on the top surface of the hinged lid. The DAC150.1FVZ-K has a 'High Top Lid' which adds internal chamber height to accept cartridges, syringes and Hauschild PP Mix Cups.   

The maximum volume container for the DAC150.1 FVZ is the Hauschild PP100 (185ml) Mix Cup. The FVZ-K High Top Lid will take the PP150L (250ml). 

Special vacuum holders make this ideal for R&D Formulation / Q.A and Q.C requirements.

This lab favorite - Bench top mixer has a very small footprint, powered by 230v mains cable with 3 pin UK, EU or US mains plug.

These DAC150.1 Hauschild SpeedMixer® instruments were distributed by Flacktek in the USA before May2022. 

All DAC150 SpeedMixer products supplied by Flacktek and its UK distributor Synergy Devices before May 2022 'should be' genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer® machines. Hauschild will verify this by cross checking your serial number assuring you of reliable quality you can trust. 

Flacktek (USA) do not distribute the DAC150's now. Facktek can not supply Hauschild Products or OEM parts for servicing. Authorisation was withdrawn by Hauschild. Legal action is ongoing on many continents.


This applies to Flacktek and their English sub-distributor Synergy Devices, plus other 'Flacktek sub-distributors' around the world. Find out more here.

Should you be #MixingWithTheBest ?

Hauschild DAC150.1 'Oldie But Goldie' Genuine SpeedMixer
DAC150.1 Series Hauschild SpeedMixer®
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DAC 150.3


DAC150.3 FVZ Hauschild SpeedMixer®
DAC150.3FV + DAC150.3FVZ.JPG
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