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Hauschild SpeedMixer Mix Cups 

SpeedMixer Cups - Air Tight, No Leaks
Are You #MixingWithTheBest ?!

Exacting standards from precision engineering have gained a world wide reputation for excellence achieving fully repeatable, consistent results. This legacy made Hauschild SpeedMixer® instruments the worlds No1 DAC Mixer, not just the exceptional high power that no other mixer manufacturer can achieve.


Aside from the actual mixing instrument, the SpeedMixer cup / mixcups / mix cups / mixing containers / vessel is also a critical factor in achieving this renowned level of success.

To this end all Hauschild manufactured SpeedMixer Cups and Holders are manufactured in Germany, fully complimenting the highest standards expected from any genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer® instruments. Precision engineered to strict dimensional and weight tolerances, each will seat securely in any genuine, original Hauschild SpeedMixer® instrument, be it new or old. 

Single and specialist, multiple cavity SpeedMixer Cup Holders are available to increase your productivity and maximize formulation capability.

SpeedMixer Mix Cup Holders

Above: - DAC150 PP Mix Cup Holders

Simultaneous processing of 2,3,4, and 6 individual SpeedMixer Cups as one batch is used today, as it has been for years so do contact us for further information on this Productive Innovation.

A compatibility chart for all our SpeedMixer Cups / Hauschild SpeedMixer® instruments, can be found here,

2024 Hauschild PP Mix Cup Range

Hauschild PP Mix Cup from Productive Innovations

Above: - Hauschild PP Mix Cup Profile

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SpeedMixer Cups - Volumetric Capacities From 6ml - 16 ltr

The Hauschild SpeedMixer Cups come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured from a selected high quality Polypropylene. They whole range has several distinguishing features, the most obvious if the rounded radius at the bottom of each container. 

This rounded radius is a vital characteristic to the inside of the branded Hauschild PP Mix Cup containers. This smooth profile of the corner compliments the constant, entire rotational movement and that the DAC technology creates so that mixing occurs, inside the sealed container without need of a blade. 

There is no 'Mixing Dead Zone' when using a PP Mix Cup. Any 90° angle (squared edge) of the inner container side wall and base, will not compliment the circular motion / material flow which the DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer instruments have always induced since 1973.

Dependent on viscosity and filled content of a particular material type, a 'Mixing Dead Zone' may not be detected unless particle size analysis is conducted using a microscope, Hegman gauge or TIDAS Instrument.

The PP Mix Cups will achieve best thermal resistance that Polypropylene can offer due to exemplary quality control used when sourcing the raw product and in process control during and after the moulding process. PP Mix Cups + Lids are batch matched providing an air tight and water proof seal. 

The generous side wall cross section offers stability, strength and retained  integrity at high, low and ambient temperatures. The 360° securely mating thread in all PP Mix Cups and Lids prevent escape of mixed or unmixed material enhancing a heath and safety standard your company can rely upon.   

PP Mix Cup Lids Don't Leak

Each PP Mix Cup has a mated thread in its corresponding PP Mix Cup Lid. This course helix thread is designed to be easy to open and close, whilst providing a tight reliable seal. The seal is air and water tight on PP Mix Cups. To enhance surface area in closure, two types of lid seal are available.

PP Mix Cup - Inner Lid Seals

Inner Lid Seals areoptional. They fit inside the actual threaded Mix Cup Lid. This standard 'wadded' inner lid seal is a precut disc that can be easily inserted by hand into the internal recess of the threaded lid. Once inserted these should stay firmly in place and will not fall out. They can be bonded in with a hot melt adhesive if required. 

PP Mix Cup - PP Safety Seal 

The PP Mix Cup Safety Seal is an additional Safety Seal. This sits on the top shoulder of an open PP Mix Cup before the lid is screwed. They function with or without the 'Inner Lid Seal'. They also offer a secondary barrier in laboratories where strict rules for powder handling or active ingredients apply. Such as medical / pharmaceutical environments. They can also benefit the handling / processing of materials that have a strong odour.  

Using a PP Mix Cup

All Hauschild SpeedMixer instruments have upper and lower weight ranges that they will successfully operate within. We calculate this by: -

Mixing weight (load) = Total weight of (Cup + Holder + Materials)

The load is critical to the SpeedMixer functioning correctly. Because of this many different PP Mix Cup Holders are available for the same container. In a lot of cases a light and heavy version will offer flexibility to use more or less material so that strict weight tolerances can be observed correctly.

PP Mix Cup Volume vs Weight - S.G

To relay an important fact here, imagine your own chosen coffee mug. If we had two of them, and filled one to the top with small gold coins and the other with feathers. You will agree that they would both be different weights. 

This is because the weight to volume ratio of feathers to gold are very different. The measurement used to quantify this is Specific Gravity, or 'S.G' for short.

Every liquid product has a different S.G. Water (H2O) has an S.G of ~1.0. Therefore 1 litre of water weighs ~1000gms / 1kg. 1 litre of small gold coins would weigh more than 16kg. 1 litre of feathers would weigh next to nothing in grammes.

The S.G of gold is ~17, so seventeen times heavier than water. Feathers, well we don't need to go into it but they'd weigh less than 100gms.

Our example simply determines the difference of product weights to volumes. 

Each PP Mix Cup has a published volume. You can see these on our spec sheet. When selecting your PP Mix Cup / Holder your selection needs to take into account: -

Minimum and Maximum weight your chosen SpeedMixer can accommodate.

Diameter and height of the PP Mix Cup thinking will it fit.

Which product do you add first, second third etc. This we call the method of addition.

How will your chosen ingredients behave during mixing.

What speed and time will I need to set on the SpeedMixer.

Lots to think about - If you need our assistance and guidance when making your calculations, we are happy to help and assist when necessary. This is actually covered in our basic operator training, delivered to machine operators when commissioning new machines but we are here at all times to help you get it right. We are always more than happy to advise you on this. 

Processing Multiple PP Mix Cups At Once, As A Batch

You do not have to be bound to processing just one sample every time the SpeedMixer is started.

Multiple quantities of certain containers can be housed in our specialist holders, some accepting up to six containers. Conduct simultaneous mixing as one single batch. When mixing more than one container at a time, the speed of processing will greatly increase productivity.

Bespoke Mix Cup Holders

Custom made, bespoke holders are available for most other types of mixing vessels such as syringes, cartridges and laboratory vials. You are not tied to using just Hauschild PP Mix Cups in your chosen SpeedMixer if you have a reason or need to use others.

Contact us for further information.

SpeedMixer Cup + Holders 

PP Mix Cups were precision engineered to seat correctly in a genuine Hauschild Mix Cup Holder. These mate to 3 x locating pins within the SpeedMixer basket .

Original Hauschild DAC and Smart-DAC SpeedMixer basket sizes do differ across the product range, allowing for different sized Mix Cups and Holders to be accepted. The new Smart-DAC instruments offer you a choice of sizes at time of order extending up to 2.8ltrs.  

A compatibility chart can be found here.

Mother Nature Always Wins

The outer surfaces of the PP Mix Cups need to mate perfectly to inner surface of mated PP Mix Cup Holders. Both will be subjected to extremely high levels of g-force during acceleration and deceleration with sustained speeds vital during mixing. Any amount of slip may induce vibration.


The PP Mix Cups do not see the length of service that the holders do. Therefore as the PP Mix Cup holders wear over time, they should be replaced to ensure that an optimum performance is maintained.

Internal sensors within Hauschild SpeedMixers can and will sense issues when excessive vibration or imbalance occurs. Error messages will alert you to this before the instruments stop, to avoid potential damage.

Productive Innovations maintain stocks for the European, standard PP Mix Cup sizes. 



Hauschild SpeedMixer® - Precision Engineering



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