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What is the SMARTEST DAC ?

What is the Smartest-DAC? 



Vacuum Capable Material Formulation Instruments

Mixing Capacity from 1gm - 2kg or 1ml - 2.8ltr

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Smart-DAC Product Brochure from Hauschild-SpeedMixer.UK

The Smartest DAC Materials Mixer

Non Vacuum / Degassing Materials Mixer.

Capacity from 1gm - 2kg / 5ml - 2.8ltr

Why is the Hauschild Smart DAC the Smartest ?

The Hauschild SpeedMixer® SMART DAC Series beautifully blends intelligence, efficiency, power and repeatability in a precision crafted machine engineered to change the game.

All SMART DAC Mixing Instruments have the same external dimensions and profile. Designed to maximise size of the internal mixing chamber any Smart-DAC can mix up to 2.8ltr containers. Ideal for high volume, low molecular weight powders / fillers.

The footprint differs from the worlds leading DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer® range. If you don't intend to bench mount the Smart-DAC a specific Portable Floor Stand is available that one person can move easily.

The Smart-DAC SpeedMixer is slightly lower in height than some previous original DAC products for enhanced accessibility. 

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Smart-DAC 250 Vacuum from Hauschild SpeedMixer®.png
SMART-DAC 2000.3 FVZ Non Vacuum SpeedMixer UK + Ireland

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