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SMART-DAC 1500.3 FVZ SpeedMixer
1.5kg, MEDIUM sized material mixer

SMART-DAC 1500.3 FVZ - 1.5kg / 2.8ltr Capacity SpeedMixer

The SMART-DAC 1500.3 Hauschild SpeedMixer® will mix a batch size weighing up to 1.5kgand volumetrically up to 2800ml. 

There is no vacuum degassing facility with this SpeedMixer. The SMART-DAC1500.4 does have a vacuum facility.

In any of the SpeedMixer instruments you can use a multiple holder for Mix Cups, syringes or laboratory vials to process more than one container in a batch, simultaneously.

These precision instruments are ideal for an R&D Formulation laboratory. These can be bench top mounted or stood on a robust, ergonomic Hauschild stand.  SMART DAC's are powered by a standard 110v or 230v mains lead and plug.

DAC 1500.3 FVZ.png
SmartDAC1500 - Configuration Options for SMART-DAC 1500 Hauschild SpeedMixer®.webp

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