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SpeedMixer Service Center - OEM Component Parts Supply & Installation.

Our U.K Service Center provides OEM Parts for any Genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer® as part of our comprehensive Specialist Repair and Service support to businesses in the U.K, Eire, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Only Genuine, Original Hauschild OEM Component Parts are used for Repair and Servicing.

Supporting your business with international OEM Part deliveries, Mobile On-site Repairs and Servicing, a Collect-And-Return to Service Centre option.


We can arrange Loan Equipment to ensure you continue #MixingWithTheBest whilst any necessary servicing work is undertaken.    

There is always a rogue contingent ready to take advantage of established premium products - Ambulance Chasers - and the Original Hauschild SpeedMixer® products are no exception.


Despite their claims, no other company is authorised to supply or service Hauschild SpeedMixer equipment. Only authorised distributors found here can support your SpeedMixer Instruments.





Other servicing companies and any previous suppliers and are not and will not be supplied by Hauschild. Read more here

Preventative Maintenance agreements – With you in mind.

Productive Innovations fully appreciate the advantages of advanced planning for preventative maintenance and we're here to help you. By offering a straight forward, no-nonsense booking service we will assist you all we can.

Support options are available to minimize interruption and continuity.

Please contact us to address your particular requirements and discuss the options we offer.

Business Critical - Disaster Contingency

No two businesses are the same. If the Hauschild SpeedMixer® supports a business critical function in your business you will demand assurance of continuity of your operational services.

The reliability and predictability of the Hauschild SpeedMixer® operational output is second to none. Where prudent clients require protection from external influences Productive Innovations are able to assist.

Fire, theft, power failure material spillage or water damage from fire sprinklers are just some of the likely third party or environmental considerations a diligent company will wish to gain protection against.

Contact us to discuss all aspects of support service.

When you're #MixingWithTheBest . . . . 

Quality ALWAYS comes FIRST!