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SpeedMixer Containers, PP Mix Cups,
Max Cups, Jars, Pots + Tubs.

SpeedMixer Mix Cup, Max Cup, Jars, Pots + Tubs 

The DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer® has gained a world wide reputation for repeatable, consistent materials formulation mixing.

Aside from the actual mixing instrument, the mixing container is also a critical factor in achieving this renowned level of success.

A DAC SpeedMixer formulates products / materials inside a removable container. These are referred to as mix cup, pp, mix cup, max cup, jar, pot, tub.

Mix in any type of container - syringe, cartridge, laboratory vials or in house containers you use on mass.

Formulate a single sample or as a batch process - Using a multi cavity holder to increase productivity. Bespoke holders are available so please talk with us about what you require.

Hauschild SpeedMixer® Syringe Batch Holder
Hauschild SpeedMixer® Standard Syringes + Cartridges
Hauschild SpeedMixer® Custom Bottle Holder

Left: - Multiple Syringe Holder
Centre: - Standard Syringes + Cartridges
Right: - Custom Bottle Holder 

Simultaneous processing of 2+ recepticles as one batch, is perfectly feasible so contact us for details.

We supply American Max Cups and German Hauschild PP Mix Cups, syringes, cartridges and more.

What ever you use or need to mix your product in. We will provide the solution.

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