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SpeedMixer UK Images, Videos + More


Playdough mixing - Before During + After.png
MS Polymer Mixing -  Before During + After.png


  • Hauschild SpeedMixer® YouTube Channel

Silicone - Think  powder pigment into any viscosity

Playdough - Think #LSR or #HCR Silicone

MS Polymer - Think personal care & cosmetics


Mixing Plasticine in a Hauschild SMART DAC 250.4 VAC-P LR
Mixing 100% Ceramic Powder addition in a  Hauschild SpeedMixer® DAC600.1FVZ LR SpeedMixer

Plasticine Mixing

Ceramic Powder
100% By Volume

Copper Pigment

Paste Products

LSR Silicone

Bulk Mixing

High Volume Powder

Press Release

SpeedMixer Applications

Confusing Times

Hauschild SpeedMixer® Technology

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