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Productive Innovations - Exclusive distributor for 
Hauschild SpeedMixer® across Finland.

Productive Innovations Limited

Productive Innovations Ltd are the exclusive distributor of all Hauschild SpeedMixer® products in Finland.

We are delighted to announce that due to successful representation for Hauschild SpeedMixer®, across the U.K, Productive Innovations Limited were granted additional geographic areas of business to all support new and existing users in Finland.

Appointed to provide technical support, demonstrate, promote, sell and service with genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer® DAC / SMART-DAC products, accessories and PP Mix Cups.

Productive Innovations fully support the outstanding reputation and legacy achieved by this German, high precision engineering company who invented and manufacture the worlds leading No.1 material mixer.

To all new and existing customers, we extend free of charge technical sales and support, product demonstrations and training. OEM Parts, servicing, accessories and consumables are sold with the full backing of Hauschild SpeedMixer® based in Hamm, Germany.

 The Hauschild global support network can be found here

Hauschild SpeedMixer® continue to offer the variable speed, reliable, robust, proven and repeatable mixing solutions for a broad range manufacturing industries and product applications.

In just a few minutes, any Hauschild SpeedMixer® can be used to produce air and bubble-free multi-material blended compounds, from liquids, high-viscosity pastes, powders, pigments, solvents and fillers.

The genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer® laboratory instrument is the original, most advanced and powerful, materials mixing machine available today since 1974. In collaboration with our customers, we will use the SpeedMixer DAC (Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge) technology to develop tailored solutions where conventional methods of mixing have previously failed.

The Hauschild SpeedMixer® will mix materials consistently in :-

An inert gas environment 
Temperature controlled conditions
A negative atmosphere (under vacuum)
Or just at ambient

Please browse our website for comprehensive details on the entire Original Hauschild SpeedMixer® product range, technologies and applications.

If you are new to bladeless mixing or SpeedMixers, then please view our media page for a few quick self explanatory visuals.

For an obligation free SpeedMixer demonstration please click here.

Do be aware, that despite certain claims, no other company is able to source or supply original Hauschild SpeedMixer® instruments, OEM parts, accessories or consumables within our defined geographical regions. Read more here.

Are you #MixingWithTheBest ?


The Hauschild SpeedMixer® - revolutionary from the start !


Hauschild SpeedMixer® Basket
Hauschild SpeedMixer® Mixing Product
Hauschild SpeedMixer® Mixed Product
Digital Hauschild® SpeedMixer Control Screen
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With no mixing blade to contend with, 100% of the mixed product can be used. Eliminate wasted material, reduce costs by being clean.

Mixing can take just seconds!
Hauschild SpeedMixer® operates at up to 3500 rev's per minute.
That's fast! 

Mixing begins the moment you press start. Why wait any longer?


Air bubbles are removed as part of the mixing process. No blade means no entrapped air. Many of our SpeedMixers have vacuum options too, for that extra peace of mind.


Programmable machines allow for multi stage processing. Variable speed can be used with out the need to stop. Each function is designed to ensure consistent results every time.

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