SpeedMixer Portable Floor Stand    #NiceToMixYou

SpeedMixer Portable Floor Stand

The SpeedMixer Portable Floor Stands are all manufactured by Hauschild Engineering. Specifically designed and built to support the small and medium series, vacuum and non-vacuum DAC150 to DAC 1100 SpeedMixer Instruments.

Mounting a small or medium sized SpeedMixer upon a sturdy bench tops is very common practice.


Each DAC SpeedMixer weighs over 28kg. The medium sized SpeedMixer range weigh 70kg upwards. The Smart-DAC SpeedMixer range weigh more than 100kg. These are all sensitive precision engineered laboratory / production instruments and should be treated with upmost care whenever they are being moved or re-sited. 

Setting the SpeedMixer at an accessible height for all operators is an important consideration, including ease of access to the controls and for loading of Mix Cups and Mix Cup Holders holders at the top of the instrument. 

Hauschild Speedmixer® Portable Floor Stand

These are Manual Handling issues governed by Health and Safety Regulations. Risk Assessments are essential to identify the safety and individual needs of each operator and for this reason a selection of products offering different heights are available. 

All SpeedMixer Portable Floor Stands allow one person to easily move an instrument safely and smoothly. These are deal for accessing the rear of the machine for cleaning purposes, maintenance or when sharing one instrument between several workstations.

Mounted on four heavy duty castors, each can be locked or unlocked independently for transit. Red and green visual indicators are also available to determine the mechanisms position if required. Once released any SpeedMixer on its stand can be moved safely and smoothly across a floor.

Storage shelves below the main SpeedMixer platform provide adequate space for Mix Cups, Holders, operator manuals and inspection documents.

The Smart-DAC SpeedMixer range requires a specific Smart-DAC stand. The new instruments have a different footprint and are slightly shorter in profile than previous DAC instruments as you'll see below.


The Smart-DAC Portable Floor Stand has been colour coded to match it's SpeedMixer, just as the previous ones were.

You can see the Small and Medium sized DAC SpeedMixers mounted on their blue portable floor stands shown below.


Hauschild DAC + Smart-DAC SpeedMixer Portable Floor Stand
Original Hauschild SpeedMixers on their Portable Floor Stand