All New SMART-DAC SpeedMixer

Productive Innovations introduce the ALL NEW SMART-DAC 
Hauschild SpeedMixer® available now to new and existing users across the U.K, Ireland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

NEW SMART-DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer® from Productive Innovations

As the exclusive distributor of Hauschild SpeedMixer® across the U.K, Ireland, Finland, Norway and Sweden we have great pleasure in presenting the

ALL NEW SMART-DAC Hauschild SpeedMixer® range.

NEW Hauschild SpeedMixer®

Vacuum Mixing 250gm - 2kg / 2.8ltr

Delivering the most advanced technology ever designed into a
DAC mixer, the Hauschild SpeedMixer® SMART DAC ushers in a new era of bladeless mixing.

Blending intelligence, efficiency, reliability and power with features like real time temperature measurement, variable counter rotation, intelligent sensor integration and much more, the SMART DAC is revolutionizing lab mixing across the globe.

SMART-DAC Vacuum Degassing SpeedMixers from 250gm are ALL
now available with a volumetric capacity up to a 2kg/2.8ltr.

SMART-DAC SpeedMixers are UL compliant 

and UL Certification per machine is available.

Fully supporting the outstanding reputation of this German, high precision engineering company the SMART-DAC SpeedMixer herald a completely new revolution in non-invasive materials mixing.

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SMART DAC 400.3 FVZ LR Hauschild SpeedMixer®