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Large DAC SpeedMixer (3kg - 5kg - 10kg)

A large Hauschild SpeedMixer® will consistently mix between 3kg-10kg or 16ltrs of product. 

In any of the large SpeedMixer instrument you can mix in a single container or use a multiple holder to batch process more than item such as 310ml, 6, 12, 20 + 32oz cartridges.  

These are all floor mounted systems designed for production and manufacture of bulk quantities.

They do require a three phase electricity feed and a solid sturdy base as they weigh >1200kg. 

ROI - Expect a long trouble free service life above 10years, with regular servicing using only OEM component parts.


DAC 3000 - 3kg Mixer
With Vacuum Degassing

DAC 3000 3kg Hauschild SpeedMixer®
Quote for 2022 - DAC3000 Hauschild SpeedMixer®

DAC 5000 - 5kg Mixer
With Vacuum Degassing

DAC5000 5kg Hauschild SpeedMixer®
Quote for 2022 - DAC5000 Hauschild SpeedMixer®

DAC 10000 - 10kg Mixer
With Vacuum Degassing

DAC10000 10kg Hauschild SpeedMixer®
Quote for 2022 - DAC10000 Hauschild SpeedMixer®
DAC SpeedMixer - Made in Germany.jfif
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